JA Innovation camp

We Gather Students to Help them Solve some of Uganda's Most Pressing Challenges
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About the Program

At the JA Innovation Camp, students gather in order to address a specific business challenge derived by a partnering company/business and come up with ideas which solve the problem. It is an intense experience for the students since they have to propose solutions within a very limited time, given access to tools, information and resources. The students have the possibility to foster an understanding of the world of work and a spirit of entrepreneurship through the principle of “Learning by Doing”.

They are able to develop their interpersonal as well as problem-solving skills and learn to work under very tight deadlines. It helps to plunge young people head-first into a short, one-day experience into the world of work. The camp is tremendously challenging and fun for the students-a precursor or add-on to
in-school entrepreneurship experiences of the Junior Achievement Company Program.

Main Program Concepts

Work Readiness, Networking, Interview Skills, Work-place knowledge, Job search, Resumes etc

Skills Students Gain

Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Accountability, Time Management, Public Speaking, Financial Literacy, Ideation, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity and so much more.

Program Summary

Program Implementation

In Class

Program Duration

One Day

Student Class Level